Denise Martin N.D M.H.D Qualified Naturopath / Medical Herbalist

Growing up in New Zealand naturally like most kiwi kids we spent most of our free time in the beautiful outdoors, from an early age I was captivated by plants, especially seeds transforming into flowers.



During my teenage years, I stumbled across a herbalist who lived and breathed herbal medicine she fascinated me, my lifelong obsession with natural medicine began. I attended courses and workshops from an early age, very excited to find a field suited to my love for plants and herbal medicine.
Drawn to nature and the outdoors, I traveled the globe working as a whitewater rafting guide, thoroughly loving the exposure to different cultures and ways of life, so intriguing and colourful but I always felt a pull back home to New Zealand. Eventually, I settled to study Natural Medicine, four and half years later I qualified as a naturopath then a medical herbalist from two different institutions.

Living and surrounded by subtropical native rainforest, I progressed my skills to learn both traditional and modern uses of Maori medicine and native New Zealand herbs.

These days we have a beautiful fusion of knowledge, where tradition and science meet, further validating the use of native New Zealand herbs. The human body has a natural affinity for herbal medicine, nature's most ancient form of healing. Plant chemicals have been used for thousands of years by both natural practitioners, then medical science. We live in a time where science and history offer the most effective form of healing and health. We no longer need to rely on herbal medicine from overseas, especially when we have such amazing native herbs in New Zealand.

Denise is of Tuhoe and Te Arawa descent.