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Naturopath Consultations Rotorua



Denise provides complementary health management, herbal prescriptions , and a specialty range of native New Zealand balms, creams and herbal tonics.

 A health detective, gathering all of the necessary information to identify what may be negatively impacting your body's natural ability to find balance. Achieving optimum body performance is the key.

Considering details such as food, lifestyle, health concerns, and blood tests, we identify necessary changes needed with a personalized treatment plan.
Careful consideration is given to the most appropriate supplemental, herbal prescriptions, and dietary recommendations to suit your specific requirements. All information is strictly confidential.

Book an online appointment, or meet in person. The online process is suited to people who have hectic lifestyles and need a more flexible arrangement. If you prefer to speak face to face, we will meet at my clinic in Okere Falls.

Naturopath Consultation Charges.

$15      Minor health problems, follow up and herbal prescriptions.

$30      Half hour appointments, herbal prescriptions.

$60      In-depth consultation, dietary advice, herbal prescriptions, health analysis.

If you'd like to book a naturopath consultation, please complete the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively, please call 027 361 9018.

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