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Flow - Bowel Regulator

Flow - Bowel Regulator

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100 ml

By stimulating the production of digestive enzymes and bile, we provide an environment for improved nutrient absorption and more consistent patterns of elimination.

If hydrochloric acid, enzyme, and bile production or release are not adequate this leads to nutrient deficiency, constipation, and you may poop pebbles.
Herbs that stimulate bile production and release will also improve the absorption of essential fatty acids and vitamin D, both are essential nutrients for your immune system and skin health.

A Lack of digestive enzymes can cause foods to ferment, which leads to excess gas causing wind and bloating.

If your tummy often gets bloated and rumbles, this formulation will also be beneficial. Our Medical Herbalists have crafted this formulation from herbs that target these issues.

A 100ml bottle supplies a practitioner strength liquid extract, for two weeks.

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