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Kava Stick
Kava Stick


$25 25ml Balm, $9 Tube

This luxurious balm is a go-to for those who suffer from sleepless due to pain and muscle discomfort, allowing a deeper sleep.

The kavalactone content found in kava root provides profound relief to areas of muscular tension and arthritic pain, relieving joint pain, inflammation, strained muscles, sore necks, sore backs, and headaches caused by muscle tension.

- Inflammation reducing

- Pain reducing

- Relaxing, sleep enhancer.

- Deep moisturiser

- Made in New Zealand

- Natural ingredients

Kava root has a long history of traditional use for pain and relaxation. Kava Balm is also a supreme ally for relieving anxiety and reaching a state of deep relaxation. It is heavenly massaged onto the neck and shoulders at the end of a long day as a decadent ritual for winding down. 

Crafted & Manufactured in New Zealand by a Local Medical Herbalist from Okere Falls.



How to use Kava Balm.
Natural sleep remedy -Massage into the neck, shoulders and temples to aid with relaxation, pain and muscle tension.Natural pain relief
-Apply Kava Balm to the shoulders, neck, sacrum, lower back, arthritis, inflammation, muscle pain, or strains. 
Cautions: Not for use in Children under 12 years of age.


All-natural ingredients: Kava root from the South Pacific Islands, organic cold-pressed New Zealand olive oil and organic New Zealand beeswax.

What our customers think

Customer Review

Lana Le Comte

I have broken sleep, if I wake in the early hours of the morning, I rub the kava balm onto my temples, which helps me to fall back to sleep, it's like having a back up plan.

Customer Review

Jen Miller - Coleman

I was looking for an alternative to my CBD salve to ease some of my overworked muscle pains. East’s kava balm provided just that. I love the creamy (rather than oily) consistency and the kava balm has provided soothing to my areas of inflammation that other products have not.

Customer Review

Jen Murray

I've been using the kava balm on my shoulder and it's the only thing so far that has helped with the pain and inflammation. My shoulder movement has freed up a lot and the pain is gone. I highly recommend it!