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Manuka Stick
Manuka Stick


$25 25ml Balm, $9 Tube


Manuka and kanuka contain antibacterial, antiviral, and astringent properties that work wonders for many skin conditions. Kanuka is beneficial to treat viral skin conditions, and Manuka has outstanding antibacterial and skin healing properties with a delightful natural smell.

Formulated from Manuka, Kanuka ,Olive oil and Beeswax.

- Skin soothing

- Inflammation reducing

- Rash reducing

- Anti bacterial, antiviral properties.

- Deep moisturiser

- Made in New Zealand

- Natural ingredients

A Luxurious Medicinal Native Manuka Balm.Traditionally, whole plant extracts were used for a wide range of conditions. This balm is made from a whole-plant extraction method which supplies a unique set of plant compounds and treatment options. Essential oil has not been added.

Crafted & Manufactured in New Zealand by a Local Medical Herbalist from Okere Falls.



How to use Manuka Balm.Apply to eczema, dry and irritated skin, itchy bites, stings, closed wounds and cuts, bacterial and fungal infections, cold sores, herpes, and shingles. Balms are versatile due to their moisturising and soothing effects and can be used as intensive hand cream, body moisturiser, lip balm, nail and cuticle oil, nappy balm, elbow, or heel balm.Cautions: Do not use on open wounds, burns, or sunburn.


All-Natural Ingredients, Organic New Zealand beeswax, organic cold-pressed olive oil, wildcrafted Manuka and kanuka.
Natural ingredients, grown in beautiful New Zealand.

What our customers think

Beth Thompson

My little tin of Manuka balm has been a lifesaver. It almost instantly soothes an itchy pink "detox" rash that has only been further irritated by every other "Organic Fragrance - Free" product I have tried.

Customer Review

Nicky Klinkert

Nicky Klinkert - Manuka BalmI have been using Manuka Balm for over two years now. I could not recommend it more! It amazing for any itchy bites and sores, it also soothes, heals, and moisturises my face and lips. I know it is good because I've this balm to friends and family and they all have fallen in love with it and are now using it too.

Customer Review

Hess Jacob

I discovered the Manuka Balm ointment at a lovely cafe in Okere falls. At first I thought of my partner as the awesome healing effects ranged from sores/cuts to lips/joints and since then we use it on everything! If there is ever a bug bite or scratch we use the Manuka balm! My partner and I use it on certain areas of our face/lips as it really does make the skin feel healthier and look healthier. We have a dog who drags his paws so we also use that on general wounds if he gets any! I’m so glad we stumbled across the Manuka Balm  I rub it around my eyes being a 31 year young tradie my face has been exposed to harsh elements and i feel this is better than any moisturiser. I’m also planning to use it on my scar when it’s a bit more heals to help promote healthy blood flow again. It only takes for one person to try this stuff it's amazing