Medicinal Kawakawa | Blog

Medicinal Kawakawa | Blog

Kawakawa - A New Zealand Gem!

Most New Zealander's know the amazing topical effects of kawakawa, and how it works wonders for many skin conditions due to the plant compounds that exert anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial effects. 

 But how else can we use kawakawa? 

The use of Kawakawa internally is not well recognised. Interestingly this is the area where the most effective medicinal effects take place. Kawakawa leaves supply potent plant compounds, which contain warming, clearing, and soothing properties when used internally and externally in conjunction will amplify the effect. Once ingested, the digestive system supplies the bloodstream with active plant compounds producing a smothering effect, which reduces bacterial infections, inflammation, edema, blood stagnation, and clearing toxins that cause pain and inflammation. Traditional Rongoa practices use Kawakawa to heal disease in the body by steam absorption through the skin.

 Medicinal actions of this plant treat a broad range of health-related problems in a slow balancing manner.  Below are some of the benefits regular internal use as a tea or tincture of this plant offers.  Kawakawa has so many applications which have a tonic-like effect through the body. 

 -Digestive benefits; reduced bloating, stomach pains, and indigestion due to the carminative effects.

-Skin conditions; improved clearance of eczema and clearance of boils.

-Arthritic and painful conditions, reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain

-Respiratory effects; reduced coughing, improved clearance of mucous, 

-Heart Improved circulation, clearance of chilblains, improved arterial and venous flow, improved Raynaud's.

-Stress and Anxiety; increased cerebral circulation, improves energy and reduces anxiety.


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