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East, Native New Zealand Bodycare.

Kava Balm - Natural Sleep and Pain Aid.

Kava Balm - Natural Sleep and Pain Aid.

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Kava Balm:  This balm is a N.Z first.

Kava has topical pain relief properties, external use provides profound relief to areas of

- Muscular tension 

- Arthritic pain

- Joint pain

- Inflammation

- Strained muscles

- Sore necks

- Sore backs

- Headaches caused by muscle tension.

Kava Balm  is very helpful when pain is preventing you from drifting off to sleep. It is heavenly massaged onto the shoulders at the end of a long day as a decadent ritual for winding down, providing a deeply restorative and sweet sleep.


Made by local Medical Herbalists from Okere Falls, Rotorua, New Zealand.


Kava , olive oil, *Beeswax,

Organic ingredients.


Apply Kava Balm to joint pain, inflammation, strained muscles, sore necks, sore backs, and headaches caused by muscle tension.


Kava balm is not a sedative, it is a calming soothing balm. Children under the age of 12 years still have developing nervous systems and need small amounts.

Care Instructions

Store your balm in a cool place and out of the sun.

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A Polynesian Gem !

Kava has been used for thousands of years for relaxation and painful conditions of the body.