Medical Herbalist - Naturopath Consultations.

Denise Martin N.D, N.Z.A.M.H

Denise offers a range of services including mirimiri, diagnostics, nutritional and herbal therapeutics for the treatment of many conditions plus general health & lifestyle support. Denise is dedicated to delivering a friendly and professional health clinic, providing excellence in health care for you and your family through a holistic health care model. Denise is committed to each patient’s health outcomes and welcomes working closely with your health care team including your G.P, specialist and other health professionals to reach your individual health goals. Denise is also a  member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH), specific levels of training and expertise are required.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines act on the human physiology to influence bodily activity, enhance or inhibit organ function, and are prescribed with the aim of correcting imbalances and resolving patterns of dysfunction. Medical Herbalists generally use whole plant extracts containing multiple constituents on the basis that these ingredients collectively achieve synergistic activity and enhanced efficacy in the human body. I have been trained in the use of native plant remedies which, i incorporate into my treatment plans when needed or preferred.

Nutritional  Medicine

Nutritional medicine can be simply defined as the relationship of food to the well being of the human body. It also encompasses the study of environmental effects on the quality of foods, and the impact of nutritional factors on health and disease. Nutritional medicine uses food and individual nutrients in doses only achievable in supplement form, for medicinal and therapeutic effects.


Mirimiri promotes physical and spiritual well-being, fostering a deep sense of connection between the tinana (body) hinengaro (mind) and wairua (spirit). I understand the interconnectedness of these aspects and work holistically to promote overall well-being.

Practitioner Strength Products

The most appropriate supplements, herbal prescriptions, and dietary advice will be recommended in your personalised treatment plan which is uncomplicated and easy to follow.

To achieve the best results, we use practitioner strength hypoallergenic products which carry no contaminants, have proven purity and strength levels.

Consultation Options

Book an online appointment, or meet in person. The online process is suited to people who have hectic lifestyles and need a more flexible arrangement. If you prefer to speak face to face, we will meet at my clinic in Okere Falls, Rotorua.

Consultation Charges

$20 Minor health problems, follow-up's, and herbal prescriptions.
$50 Half hour appointments, herbal prescriptions.
$90 In-depth consultation, dietary advice, herbal prescription, health analysis.

$90 1 hour Mirimiri session
If you'd like to book a-consultation, please complete the form below and I will get back to you and arrange a suitable time.

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